Monticello seeing numerous responses to survey

Monticello seeing numerous responses to survey

MONTICELLO — Monticello residents are jumping on the chance to give their final two cents' worth as a community group finishes up a study on local school facilities.

Superintendent Vic Zimmerman said 650 people had already filled out the survey online as of Thursday, even though it went live less than a week earlier. It was also mailed to all of the 4,000-plus registered voters in the district.

Last fall, a similar survey netted 726 responses, making officials believe the current one will exceed that number since responses are being accepted until June 23.

The Sage Voices community engagement committee will take survey responses, along with input from four public meetings, and make a recommendation to the school board on July 16. Those attending the public meetings have shown a preference toward building a new high school near the current one.

The school board will then have less than a month to decide whether to put a question about finding a new high school on the November ballot.

If a new high school is built, the current one will be remodeled to house a districtwide elementary school.

"The most important thing now is to maximize participation in the survey," Zimmerman told the school board Wednesday night. "All the information is out there. We've had the meetings over the course of the spring, had one last fall. We can take the data from the survey and we'll have it available at the July 16 meeting."

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