Victim: Attack has 'worn me out'

Victim: Attack has 'worn me out'

Patty Ebeling said the life-changing attack she went through on March 17 has "absolutely worn me out."

The spunky Urbana woman said she has mostly recovered from the physical injuries she sustained when Aaron Munds, during a psychotic episode, tried to choke the life from her.

She got away from him twice during an ordeal that lasted minutes at the home of her older sister.

"He's got a lot of issues. I can't even be poetic about this," Ebeling said.

"I'm sorry he's got a lot of issues but it all goes back to the first responder at the door. Had it been my sister, we would have had a funeral and still be grieving. This would never go away," she said.

Ebeling was referring to her older sister, Joan Hall, 72, who has Alzheimer's. Ebeling maintained if Munds had attacked her sister, Hall would not have had the strength to fight him off as she did.

"My rib has healed. I'm going to be okay and I can't ask for anything more," she said, adding that while she tries not to look over her shoulder, she is "very cautious of the door now and when people are on the property, I ask 'Who are you?' and 'What are you doing here?'"

"I know the state of Illinois is going to have to take care of him and that's sad. I don't hate him and I hope I never see him again," she said.

If there is anything positive to come of the attack, it was the response of family, friends and even people she didn't know.

"I've heard from people from all over the country. People extended whatever we needed. We received flowers from New Jersey. It was a wonderful outreach. I am truly, truly blessed. He didn't win this battle," she said.

Her sister has no recall of what happened, she said, which is a bit of a relief to Ebeling.

And she has a warning for anyone who might cross her:

"If somebody else ever goes for me again, they're doomed. This has really put the fire in me. I have a lot of get up and go," she said.

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