Some Savoy residents oppose extending street

Some Savoy residents oppose extending street

SAVOY — Several residents have voiced their opposition to extending Ellen Avenue to connect to the Walmart frontage road.

Village officials are working to improve accessibility to the mostly vacant out-lots in front of Walmart, as well as the village-owned property just north of them.

The current road design allows cars to enter the frontage road at two points off of U.S. 45. However, a raised median prevents southbound drivers from making a left turn to the stoplight at U.S. 45 to exit the frontage road. Currently, the only way to exit the frontage road is to turn right and then make an illegal U-turn around the median to access the stoplight or to exit through Walmart's parking lot.

The Illinois Department of Transportation required the median when the area was developed based off of projected traffic expectations. Actual data from the past several years reveal drastically fewer cars using the roadways. Village officials have been working, with little success, to attain approval from IDOT to shorten the median, allowing traffic to flow to and from the frontage road.

Village officials are preparing the property north of the out-lots, referred to as the Jones property, to be put up for sale. Currently, the 1.4-acre lot is only accessible from Jones Drive.

They've considered several options to improve accessibility to the Jones property, as well as the Walmart out-lots. The option favored by most board members at previous study sessions creates a road connecting the frontage road to a roadway along the Jones property and then east to Jones Drive. A raised median would direct traffic to Jones Drive and then out to U.S. 45. The median would prohibit drivers from legally accessing Ellen Avenue, in an attempt to reduce traffic to the residential neighborhood.

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