Top of the Morning, June 27, 2014

Top of the Morning, June 27, 2014

They had a party last weekend for WBCP (1580-AM). A well-deserved party.

The Champaign station celebrated the 10-year anniversary of "Talking Sports." The Friday afternoon show at the American Legion featured hosts Sam "Sgt. Rock" Britten, Joe Stovall, Michael Cox and Marcus Jackson.

Cake was served.

"It was fantastic," Stovall said. "It was kind of typical. We talked a little bit about the NBA Finals. We had a lot of audience participation where people came up and asked questions similar to the show you guys do on Monday when you are down at the Esquire ('News-Gazette Sports Page' on WDWS)."

Stovall and Britten recalled the early days.

"We talked about our first show and how bad it was," Stovall said. "We tried to script the show. We used to read stats and articles out of the paper and Sports Illustrated."

The show changed — for the better — when Britten chimed in to disagree with Stovall on the Chicago Cubs. A winning style was born.

"It's just like three guys sitting at a bar with a beer, sharing our own opinions," Stovall said.

"We can't even believe we made it 10 years. That shows you how much fun it's been. Hopefully, we'll be able to do it another 10 years."

Here's your weekend TV viewing guide:


Quicken Loans National

1:30 p.m., Golf Channel

Tiger Woods is back. The leaders of golf are thrilled.


"No Strings Attached"

7 p.m., Bravo

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher star. They try to keep their relationship strictly physical. You know the ending without me telling you: Kutcher marries Demi Moore, and Portman wins an Oscar. But not for this flick.



8 p.m., WCIA (CBS)

Anna Woods stars as a Southern lawyer who goes against a snarky city attorney in a big case. Of course, there is sexual tension between the two, which CBS hopes will get you to stick around for a few more episodes. What we really want is a clever plot and smart dialogue.

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