Westville woman makes the most of 'Cash Booth'

Westville woman makes the most of 'Cash Booth'

WESTVILLE — A Westville woman who had 60 seconds to grab as much money as she could in a wind booth is $740 richer today.

"It was actually quite a lot of fun," Angel McDaniel said following her experience inside the Illinois Lottery's forced-air "Cash Booth." "The lottery had a promotion in which you entered your name and address. I entered, of course, not really believing I had a chance to win. Then the lottery folks picked three names at random, and mine was one of them."

The other two winners were from Chicago and Huntley.

On Saturday afternoon, the lottery brought the Cash Booth to the Casey's General Store in Westville, where friends and family looked on as McDaniel had her 60 seconds of fame.

"They had lots and lots of play money in the wind-machine booth, and I had 60 seconds to grab as much as I could," she said. "I got to do it in 20-second intervals."

Her strategy?

"I just entered the booth and stuffed as much play money as I could into my pockets," she said. "The wind was blowing around so fast in there that it was difficult to grab the money."

At the end of her third trip in the booth, Lottery officials counted up her play money and replaced it with $740 of real money.

In addition, McDaniel was given a $500 Visa gift card.

She already knows how she'll spend it.

"We are going to Florida next month for vacation," McDaniel said. "I think I'll just put the money in the bank and save it until then."

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