Farmer City updates nuisance code

Farmer City updates nuisance code

FARMER CITY — The city council amended language to the city ordinance code to better address nuisances, something that hadn't been done since 1987, city manager Larry Woliung said.

Nuisances included in the new code, which took effect immediately, now include:

— Any place harboring varmints or rodents

— Abandoned refrigerators or freezers remaining on any premises that does not have the door, lock or latches removed.

— Accumulation of excessive manure, refuse, human or noxious or offensive waste

— Allowing the carcass of dead animals and vermin, or any part of decaying animal matter, to remain not buried, destroyed or collected within 24 hours after death or dismemberment.

The council discussed whether the city should wait for complaints before taking action. Council member Willard McKinley said he was "sick of talking about complaints."

The ordinance comes on the heels of a television report that raccoons were living in an abandoned house.

Woliung said he called the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which gave him clearance to shoot the animals. He said he was not going to go on private property to do so, and instead purchased traps to return the animals to a more natural habitat.



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