Parents seek changes in Villa Grove sports co-op

Parents seek changes in Villa Grove sports co-op

VILLA GROVE — Parents asked for changes to the high school sports cooperative agreement with Heritage during a series of three roundtable discussions held over the last three months with Villa Grove Superintendent Mary Ann Manos.

Among the recommendations Manos heard:

— Revise the "no-cut" practice to allow coaches to structure team numbers more effectively.

— Consider directives to faculty regarding homework assignments on game nights.

— Better coordinate policies, communication and scheduling with the Heritage district.

Manos will also recommend hiring and evaluation of coaches be responsibility of a co-athletic director representing both school districts.

While parents were less enthusiastic about the partnership with Heritage, district coaches, staff and students had favorable impressions, Manos learned from surveys conducted throughout the school year.

"Coaches felt they wouldn't have as many wins without the co-op," said athletic director Noreen Acton. "The number in track allowed us to enter more kids in events and helped us win the conference in boys and place in girls."

Added girls' basketball coach Dan Sappenfield: "No one wants to have to co-op, including Heritage, but our small schools are going to have to adapt to the change. So if we are to co-op, then I feel Heritage is a great fit for both schools. We have very similar values and goals."

Manos said a joint discussion between the Villa Grove and Heritage school boards will take place later this summer to address the recommendations. A decision regarding the renewal of the co-op will be made some time next year, she said.

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just_wondering wrote on July 11, 2014 at 7:07 pm

"— Consider directives to faculty regarding homework assignments on game nights."

What a great idea! Because all of these kids are much more likely to make a career out of sports than from their education.                                                                                                                                                                                                       All my kids had a great experience with sports in high school, and during the season had many late nights doing homework. All are now in college - all received scholarships - academic scholarships - and all were starters on their high school teams, and all were captains as well. They committed a great deal of time to their sport and also to their education. It was exhausting for them at times, grueling, hard work - and great preparation for the real world.Don't short-change kids by lowering the bar. 

train77 wrote on July 11, 2014 at 10:07 pm
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    Being an uninterested observer ( do not live in VGH district, nor have chidren), the constant complaint I hear from VGH parents is: 1.- the consolidation caused VGH to move up from 1A to 2A in most sports, causing VGH to be much less competitive in most sports.2.- VGH got the short end of the stick when the Little Okaw was split into 2 divisions, causing VGH fans to travel much farther for road games than the other division's teams have to.3.- In the one sport that VG desperately needed help, girl's volleyball, there was no combining of teams.4.- Some sports cause longer travel just to practice at designated site......discuss.