Schools approve contract for police officer

Schools approve contract for police officer

ST. JOSEPH — St. Joseph-Ogden High School, Prairieview-Ogden and St. Joseph Grade School and Middle School recently approved the contract for their student resource officer.

Sheriff's Deputy Alicia Maxey splits her time among the three districts. SJ-O pays 70 percent of her contract because she spends the majority of her time at the school.

The contract is $34,166 for this fiscal year. Next year, SJ-O's part of the contract will increase to $35,020.

SJ-O Superintendent Jim Acklin said it's money well-spent.

"I do think that the presence of a uniformed officer has an overall calming effect on the student body," Acklin said. "Additionally, we will never know what sorts of issues are prevented due to a county sheriff's car being parked out front most days."