Bed wait continues for 'Son of Satan'

Bed wait continues for 'Son of Satan'


URBANA — A Champaign man acquitted of home invasion and attempted murder because he was insane at the time of his crimes will be treated in a secure mental health setting.

However, Aaron Munds, 40, who proclaimed himself the “son of Satan” as he was attacking a woman at a home north of Urbana last March 17, remains in the Champaign County Jail, because there are no beds available at a state mental health facility.

He has been held at the Urbana jail continuously since his arrest the day of the attack.

Sheriff Dan Walsh said of the six inmates currently awaiting court-ordered residential mental health services, Munds has been waiting the longest.

On June 16, Judge Heidi Ladd found Munds not guilty by reason of insanity, agreeing with Champaign psychiatrist Dr. Albert Lo that Munds was unable to appreciate the criminality of what he was doing. She then ordered that Munds be further evaluated for inpatient or outpatient treatment.

At a review hearing Aug. 1, Ladd agreed with Lo’s conclusion that Munds needs continued treatment in a secure setting operated by the Department of Human Services.

Even before the not guilty by reason of insanity finding, Munds had been found unfit in early May to stand trial. Typically, defendants are then sent to a state mental health facility until they get fit. But because there was no bed space then, Munds remained at the county jail and became fit a month later while still there. 

His attorney, Assistant Public Defender Janie Miller-Jones, told The News-Gazette earlier that Munds had been taking his medication for his multiple mental illnesses while in jail.

Also at last week’s hearing, Ladd set April 7, 2039, as Munds’ “theme date,” the date beyond which he may no longer be held. That date represents the maximum sentence he could have received had he been convicted of the crimes, less time he has already served.

The Department of Human Services is required to keep Ladd informed of Munds’ treatment plan and supply her with updates every 60 days. Should mental health professionals believe he has recovered sufficiently to be released back into the community, Ladd would have to be notified and a hearing held.



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Bulldogmojo wrote on August 07, 2014 at 4:08 pm

Mary Schenk, Since this person (and he is a person) was found mentally ill by a psychiatrist and a judge could you dispense with the sleazy 'TMZ' style headlining and write a dignified article to address the seriousness of mental illness and how it affects everyone in the community?

rsp wrote on August 07, 2014 at 6:08 pm

You're directing your comment to the wrong person. Reporters don't write the headlines. I agree with the rest of your remarks. It just contributes to the denigration of the mentally ill.