On the Money, Aug. 7, 2014

On the Money, Aug. 7, 2014

A local look at the cost of doing business.

24-29 cents

What a gallon of gas ran folks in 1964, when there were 27 filling stations in the village of Rantoul alone. Half a century later, one's still standing: Chumbley's Standard Oil Service at 100 N. Century Blvd. Owner Bill Chumbley, 78, no longer sells gas but still tells a great story while changing your oil. (Ask him about the time Ray Nitschke stopped in for a fill-up). Warning: If you're in a rush, sister-in-law Betty Chumbley recommends a morning visit.

"You don't go there in the afternoon if you need work done because they don't bust up a card game," she says.

50 cents

Per-category entry fee to Saturday's Mutt Show, part of the three-day St. Joseph Community Festival that kicks off tonight. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Sports Complex, where Dr. Kyle Birk will judge them in a slew of categories you won't find at Westminster — wettest nose, loudest bark, biggest teeth, fastest wagging tail, highest jump, best listener and happiest, among others. There's no limit to how many categories your pooch can enter in the show, which is sponsored by the St. Joseph Women's Community Club.


How much the city of Champaign will pay CRW Systems this year for licensing, support and maintenance of its E-TrakIT software. About 90 city employees use the system for tasks like processing construction permits; tracking building inspections, code-enforcement issues and land use; and updating permit information on the city's website. City officials say the software is crucial, and they'll pay $27,584 for it next year and $28,410 the year after that.

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