We had to ask: Central grads speak up about new school

We had to ask: Central grads speak up about new school

Periodically between now and Election Day, we'll hit up Champaign Central alums for their takes on the school district's $98 million request for a new school.

First up: If you were giving taxpayers a tour of the 79-year-old building in hopes of convincing them it needs to be replaced, where would you start?


2014 senior class president

Freshman, Saint Louis University

"The classrooms. A great deal of them are filled with so many desks to account for all the students that it's almost mission impossible to slide between them. Now, imagine sitting in a classroom filled to the brim with uncomfortable, sweaty students on a 90-degree day while attempting to concentrate on school work. Disgusting, right?


2014 Vitucci scholarship winner

Freshman, Illinois State University

"Combes Gym. I usually ended up there for basketball season and indoor soccer, when the weather was poor. But I also had to take ACTs there and sit through various assemblies. It was dreadful. The poor lighting, lack of air conditioning and how cramped and uncomfortable it was made enjoying any activity a bit more difficult."


2013 Hall of Fame inductee

Graduate, Siena College

"The locker rooms. The gym itself has a lot of amazing history tied to it and brings a dynamic atmosphere to the games held there. However, the locker rooms are very small and congested and not an area where teams want to spend a lot of time. As a player, my locker room was in a storage closet."

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