Reserves will balance Fisher school budget

Reserves will balance Fisher school budget

FISHER — Superintendent Barb Thompson presented the current fiscal year budget to the school board. For the fourth straight year, it is being balanced by using district reserves in the education and operations and maintenance funds.

Thompson projects income at $6.671 million but spending at $7.029 million. That results in a $358,000 deficit. She said projected spending in education is likely to be higher when the board votes on the budget next month because she is currently negotiating health insurance rates and expects those to be higher than last year.

Thompson said in the past the operations and maintenance fund would be balanced by using general state aid. But with lower payments from the state in recent years, all that money needs to go to expenses in the education fund. Spending on personnel, out of the education fund, amounts to 80 percent of the budget every year. "We spend the money on our people," Thompson said.

But Thompson said the Fisher district is in better shape than many. She projects fund amounts in the reserves on June 30, 2015, to be $4 million in the education fund and a million dollars each in the O & M, transportation and working cash funds.


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