Villa Grove trailer park owner faces prosecution

Villa Grove trailer park owner faces prosecution

VILLA GROVE — The Douglas County Public Health Department has filed a prosecution claim with the state's attorney's office about the owner of a dilapidated trailer park in Villa Grove.

The owner, William Fosser, has not corrected several health violations on the property, including lack of water, garbage build-up and inadequate control of rodents and insects.

The Public Health Department has declared it a risk to public health and is pursuing legal charges.

According to city officials, Fosser is not licensed to operate a trailer park with the city. The city is also pursuing condemnation of the property. If the property has been unoccupied for six months, the city can condemn it and rezone the area.

"We are doing everything we can to get this cleaned up," said Alderman Mike Greifenkamp, "but there are steps that we have to go through."

Reached Tuesday by The News-Gazette, Fosser said he would address the matter the next day. He did not return messages Wednesday.

Neighbors attended this week's city council meeting to complain about one of the trailers being occupied without running water or a sewer. The council agreed that the residents shouldn't be living there. A neighbor told the council that children were living in the trailer and urged the Villa Grove Police Department to remove them and report the conditions to the Department of Children and Family Services.