IYB sneak peek: Doughbelly Subs moving to Champaign

IYB sneak peek: Doughbelly Subs moving to Champaign


Here's a sneak peek at an item from It's Your Business. Read this and more Sunday.

Doughbelly Subs, which operated for a year in Mahomet, is preparing to open at a new location — in the Village at the Crossing in southwest Champaign.

“We just thought there were greener pastures,” owner Doug Bewley said of the decision to close in Mahomet in mid-April and reopen in Champaign.

“We felt if we moved to a larger market, there would be a potentially bigger share of the population choosing you.”

Doughbelly will continue to sell its sub sandwiches, which feature slow-roasted bone-in ham and roast beef, as well as white-meat chicken and turkey.

But the shop will add some new offerings, namely fried chicken and home-style sides, such as mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and coleslaw.

The restaurant will still offer salads, and the new location will have a self-service salad bar where customers can get what they want, Bewley said.

Doughbelly will take the space at 2504 Village Green Place, C, where Shanghai 1938 formerly operated.

“We’re hoping to be open no more than a couple weeks from now,” Bewley said last week.

Bewley said he expects the restaurant to employ eight to 10 people. He said Doughbelly will have delivery service to the University of Illinois campus and will offer inside and outside dining, as long as weather permits.


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STM wrote on September 05, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Worst name for a sandwich shop. Ever.

Girn Blanston wrote on September 05, 2014 at 1:09 pm

The issue with Doughbelly in Mahomet was never the food.  The sandwiches and shakes were great.   The problem was the extremely slow service.  If they are able to get orders out quicker, they'll do well.

thinks wrote on September 06, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Wishing Doughbelly well. The service was an issue, as another poster mentioned: slow and sometimes unprofessional (teens behind the counter yelling and laughing, ignoring customers present). Also, there was no traditional Italian sub, which is an oversight in a sub shop.

64 Spud wrote on September 06, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Food was awesome, service was terrible.  Hope they can pickup the pace when they move to Champaign.

hoyt wrote on September 07, 2014 at 9:09 am

There's absolutely no reason not to support this place. Because they roast their own meats and bake their own pretzel rolls, their sandwiches are vastly superior to those of Subway and Jimmy John's and other popular chain sub shops. Their move to Champaign is excellent news.