PBL to try free breakfast at high school

PBL to try free breakfast at high school

PAXTON — Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School students will get a chance, at least for a while, to have breakfast at school each weekday morning.

The school board gave its blessing for PBL to start offering breakfast for high school students on a trial basis, Principal Travis Duley said. It may be eliminated if students don't take advantage of it.

"We'd like to do a trial run before we commit to it," Superintendent Cliff McClure said.

Duley said breakfast will be offered each weekday morning in the high school's Little Assembly after students return from their Thanksgiving break. Tentative plans are for breakfast to continue to be offered each morning until students depart for winter break.

The high school is the only school in the PBL district that does not offer breakfast. Schools with a high enough percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch must offer breakfast. At Clara Peterson Elementary, nearly 60 percent receive free or reduced lunch, while the percentage is about 50 percent at PBL Eastlawn School.

In the district as a whole, the percentage is about 36 or 37 percent, McClure estimated. He noted, however, that the percentage would likely be closer to 50 percent if more high school students who are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch would take advantage of the opportunity.


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