Ex-UI worker charged with videorecording in women's locker room

Ex-UI worker charged with videorecording in women's locker room

URBANA — A former University of Illinois building service worker who allegedly took pictures of females in a women's locker room without their knowledge has been charged with unauthorized video recording.

UI police detective Jerry Sandage said on Dec. 5, his department was contacted after a female employee of the Illini Union food service area saw a man's feet in the bathroom stall in the ladies locker room. That woman and another female co-worker confronted a man, later identified as Randy A. Coffman, 47, of Villa Grove, in the locker room.

The women working in the food court area talked among themselves, Sandage said, and learned that two other women had had similar experiences weeks earlier seeing a man in the ladies locker room. One of the other women said she saw the man with what appeared to be a cellphone camera pressed up against the inside of a door to the locker room.

Sandage located Coffman, who told Sandage he was in the locker room fixing a toilet paper dispenser, although that was not his job.

Coffman allowed Sandage to look at his cellphone, and admitted to Sandage that he had been taking photos of women without their consent.

Sandage said he found pictures on the phone of women standing in front of their lockers. The women were clothed, he said.

Coffman was arraigned Thursday on a single felony count of unauthorized videotaping that allegedly happened around Nov. 15. If convicted, he faces penalties ranging from probation to one to three years in prison. Judge John Kennedy allowed him to remain free on his own recognizance and told him to be back in court Feb. 10.

Sandage said Coffman resigned from his job after being questioned about the alleged videotaping.

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