#SundaySneak: History of a downtown fixture

#SundaySneak: History of a downtown fixture

In Sunday's News-Gazette, you'll find 10 things to know about Jos. Kuhn & Co., plus a company chronology:

Here's number 2:

Its evolution: Today's store is different from what it was when downtown department stores were in their heyday.

"This floor here is roughly 5,000 square feet," manager GordonTracy said, "and the store, when built, was 35,000 square feet."

At that time, Jos. Kuhn & Co. had merchandise on multiple floors and once offered women's clothing as well as men's.

Tracy said there's little likelihood that the store will expand beyond its current size.

"The rest of the building isn't used, and probably won't be," he said. If the three upper floors were remodeled for use other than storage — say, apartments — "the entire building would have to be brought up to code," he said.

"It would be a huge expense to have an outside elevator," he added. "I don't see how the upper floors could be brought back into use."


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