C-U driving to work? Not so much

C-U driving to work? Not so much

New transportation estimates out from the U.S. Census Bureau show that C-U has more in common with America's major metros than you might think. To the numbers:

78.4 percent of Champaign-Urbana workers commuted to their jobs by car, truck or van in 2013. Nationally, only 10 metropolitan areas had a lower percentage than C-U, including No. 1 New York (56.9 percent), No. 3 San Francisco (69.8), No. 7 Boston (73.4) and No. 8 Washington, D.C. (75.7).

The most popular alternative way to work in C-U? Walking, which 7.9 percent of residents did five days a week. We have that in common with other college towns in the top 15, including No. 2 Ithaca, N.Y. (home of Cornell); No. 6 Iowa City (Iowa); and No. 15 State College, Pa. (Penn State).

Public transportation was the third-most popular option in C-U (5.7 percent), beating out working from home (5.1). Another 2.1 percent of C-U rode a bike to work — a more likely option for men (2.6) than women (1.6).

69.1 percent of C-U drove alone. Another 9.2 percent carpooled, typically with one other person (7.9 percent) instead of three (0.7) or more (0.6).

Average travel time to work in C-U? For 24.8 percent, it was somewhere between 10-14 minutes, followed by 15-19 minutes (18.6 percent), less than 10 (17.6) and 20-24 (14.5).

In Danville, the only other local metro area large enough to be counted in the Census data, a whopping 94.1 percent of residents went to work in a car, truck or van — considerably higher than the national average of 86 percent. Just 2 percent of Danville walked; another 1.1 percent fell into the motorcycle/taxicab/etc. category, the least-popular mode of transportation in C-U, at 0.8 percent.

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