A swell(ing) place

A swell(ing) place

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This just in from the U.S. Census Bureau: Of America's 325 fastest-growing cities, 74 are in California, 47 are in Texas, 17 are in the Carolinas and one is in Illinois. That city? Champaign.

Between July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015, Champaign enjoyed the same 1.5 percent bump as three of the country's 15 largest cities (Dallas, Columbus and Jacksonville), growing from 84,805 to 86,906, according to new estimates.

That makes it 380th-largest nationwide and No. 10 (but closing in on Elgin) in Illinois. It's a rosier picture here than it is elsewhere across the state.

Take Decatur. As of the last official census, in 2010, Champaign had 4,933 more people. Five years later, the gap is 12,842. Champaign's lead over Bloomington has bloated by more than 3,000 over that stretch, as well.

Urbana added 140 people in a year, making it a city of 42,311 (885th nationally). Danville lost 224, giving it 32,108 (1,981st).

Who'll be first to 10,000 — Mahomet (up 87, to 8,056) or Savoy (up 248, to 8,133, giving it the edge over its Champaign County neighbor for the first time since 2011)?

Other milestones worth watching: Loda is a birth away from 400, Villa Grove a family of five from 2,500, and Fisher (1,959) is poised to be next in the area to hit 2,000.

Tuscola (4,443) and Arcola (2,884) are 1-2 in Douglas County, Paxton (4,357) and Gibson City (3,409) are tops in Ford, and Monticello (5,509) and Bement (1,683) are Piatt's most populous.

The dinkiest area town of the 1,297 the census counts in Illinois? That'd be the Champaign County village of Foosland, whose population has grown by one since 2010 — to 102.

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Bob Smith wrote on May 24, 2016 at 9:05 am

Too bad. The traffic is getting really bad these days with too many vehicles & too many idiot drivers.

SheikofHyrule wrote on May 24, 2016 at 4:05 pm

"That makes it 380th-largest nationwide and No. 10 (but closing in on Elgin) in Illinois."

I think you mean Waukegan, which is at No. 9 with around 88,000 people, since Elgin is at No. 8 with around 110,000 people.

catsrule wrote on May 24, 2016 at 4:05 pm

Yet growth in Urbana continues lag that in Normal despite the fact that it has a land grant institution with significantly more students and much more research taking place. A completely fair comparison with no readily available explanation.