Top of the morning, Aug. 1, 2016

Top of the morning, Aug. 1, 2016

One last time, let me thank everyone for playing along with "Where Am I."

This one was easier than I would have predicted, but I shouldn't have been surprised that so many folks recognized a genuine landmark: Old Seven, as the bridge is known.

If you've ever driven to Key West, you crossed the Seven-Mile Bridge. You have no choice: U.S. 1 is the only route into and out of the Keys.

Parallel to the bridge is its older counterpart, most of which has been closed for years — and part of which was the setting for a scene in the film "True Lies." A 2-mile stretch at the Marathon end of the bridge, which leads to Pigeon Key, has been open to pedestrians and cyclists, but was closed in July for a renovation project that will ensure folks can walk out there for years to come.

Tom Kacich was the first person with the correct answer, but he has the advantage of knowing how much I love the Keys.

Right behind was expat Joyce Wolverton, from across the state in Naples, Fla.

Other correct guesses:

Robin Craig, Champaign

David L. Gross, Champaign

Chad Lewis, Mahomet

Dale Velk, Champaign

Mike Schall, Cullom

Kris Koester, Champaign

Shannon Somers, Monticello

Jason Frericks, Champaign

Suzanne Schall, Cullom

Randall Brown, Urbana

Karen Rock, Mahomet

Marni Basic, Champaign

Jeff Helgesen, Champaign

David Spencer, Champaign

Kristin Kieft, Champaign

Rick Frederick, Champaign

Randy Tschetter, Champaign

Tom Cech, Champaign

Mark Mammen, Urbana

Zak Horn, Sullivan

Kathy Leathers, Mahomet

Kami Hull, Champaign

Debra Hirschi, Champaign

James R. Sayles Jr., Apex, N.C.

Courtney Bruner, Rantoul

Mike Schum, Sidney

William Atchison, Rossville

Paul Hays, Geneva

Bryan Weir, Danville

Ed Thomas, Champaign

Colleen Ehmen, Gifford

Steve Parmley, Urbana

Ed Sudlow, Catlin

Bob Mullins, Homer

Jim Riggs, St. Joseph

Mike Greifenkamp, Villa Grove

Robert K. O'Daniell, Champaign

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