Polling place: Cracks in Clinton quest showing

Polling place: Cracks in Clinton quest showing

Every Tuesday between now and Nov. 8, we’ll provide an updated snapshot of the race for president, as broken down by the numbers crunchers at ELECTION ANALYTICS, a nonpartisan website developed by UI Professor Sheldon Jacobson and his students that analyzes state polling data.

➜ Hillary Clinton’s lead has eroded in the Electoral College over the past week. In fact, Election Analytics trends show that she has lost 14 EC votes since Aug. 21.

➜ Three critical states — Florida, Ohio and North Carolina — have all moved into the toss-up category. But even if Donald Trump wins all these states — along with traditional Republican safe states, including Arizona, Georgia and Missouri — he would have 253 Electoral College votes, 17 shy of the 270 he’d need to capture the White House. 

➜ Other states that have moved into play include Iowa (six Electoral College votes) and Nevada (six). Long-shot states where he is beginning to gain some traction include Oregon (seven EC votes), New Mexico (five), Wisconsin (10) and Pennsylvania (20). 

➜ Trump’s path to 270 remains stubbornly obstructed by Virginia (13 votes) — which he is unlikely to win, given Clinton’s choice of running mate (home-state Sen. Tim Kaine) — though recent polls show that he may be more competitive than first believed). 

➜ The Electoral College firewall continues to favor Clinton (for now), but over the past week, numerous cracks have surfaced in her once-invincible path to the White House. 

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