Polling place: Clinton bending but shows no signs of breaking

Polling place: Clinton bending but shows no signs of breaking

With just four days to go until voters choose Barack Obama's successor, here's the latest on the presidential race, care of the number crunchers at ELECTION ANALYTICS, a nonpartisan website developed by University of Illinois Professor Sheldon Jacobson and his students that analyzes state polling data.

Even if Donald Trump wins all six primary battleground states, his Electoral College vote total would be 265, short of the 269 needed to throw the election into the House or the 270 to win the White House outright.

That means in addition to sweeping Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio, he would also need a state such as Colorado, Michigan New Hampshire or Pennsylvania to flip for him to win.

The two states to watch are Colorado and North Carolina. While the Electoral College firewall continues to heavily favor Hillary Clinton, if she loses her lead in both states, then her fortress will begin to shatter.

Note that the effect of any last-minute events that may switch voters are muted by the millions of people who have already cast their ballots. In essence, Clinton continues to be highly favored to win, though her numbers continue to weaken. As the saying goes, she is certainly bending, but shows no sign of breaking.

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