Top of the Morning, Nov. 13, 2016

Top of the Morning, Nov. 13, 2016

An Election Day story everyone can feel good about: Dave Shaul's unexpected appearance during our radio coverage on WDWS.

The popular 75-year-old was walloped by cancer a year ago this month. Recovery has been a bear, forcing the outgoing Shaul to miss everything from book club to church to Kiwanis Club meetings to, well, weighing in regularly on radio.

But Tuesday night, he showed up at our studios on South Neil Street thanks to his wife, Annilee, "who has been my guardian angel through all of his."

Annilee provided both encouragement and a ride to the station.

"I wasn't going to go," he said. "But I got up the energy and she drove me over. I thought I'd just sit around and listen, but all of sudden they pull out headsets and I'm on for 20 minutes."

Shaul, who's been covering presidential elections on radio and TV since '64, almost saw his streak end. Blame hiccups, which he gets as a reaction to medicine he's taking. "It's hard to do radio with hiccups, and right before I went on air I got them again," he said. "I said, 'I can't do this.' But I took a gulp of water and they went away."

Shaul said doctors have told him his outlook is "very optimistic." Tuesday's adventure, I'm guessing, might have helped.

"It was so energizing you can't believe it," he said. "It's just what I needed."

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