Danville school board OKs raises for admins, non-union workers

Danville school board OKs raises for admins, non-union workers

DANVILLE — Thirty-two Danville school district administrators and directors and nine non-union salaried employees are getting raises this year.

The school board on Wednesday voted 6-1 to approve a 2016-17 salary chart for administrators, an overall 5 percent increase over last year's spending for those salaries.

It also voted 7-0 to approve salaries for the other non-union employees, which amounts to a roughly 3 percent increase.

The approval came a week after the board ratified a two-year contract with the Danville Education Association that's providing a 3 percent increases for teachers, information and union flat-salaried employees each year and a little more than 3 percent increase for secretaries, teaching assistants and learning resource clerks each year.

Board member Frank Young said he had no problem with the increases for the non-union employees

But he voted against the administrative raises, arguing they weren't in line with the others.

In the past, he said, the board made a practice of giving administrators increases that were consistent with union members.

"Something more than (3 percent) is just absolutely unacceptable to me," Young said, pointing out that the district has some costly building projects on the horizon and a state budget is still not in sight. "We're going to learn very quickly how much money we're not going to get for next year."

Superintendent Alicia Geddis said the district made a number of administrative staffing changes this year largely due to the reorganization that moved all fifth- and sixth-grade students to South View Upper Elementary and seventh- and eighth-graders to North Ridge Middle School, as well as contract changes.

Now, eight administrators are working more days. And three of them — Lindsey Prunkard, who was promoted to assistant principal at South View Upper Elementary; Mitzy Campbell, who was hired as an assistant principal at Kenneth D. Bailey Academy; and curriculum director Mary Ellen Bunton — moved from being union employees to non-union administrators.

Board member Lon Henderson pointed out that under those changes, several of those employees will make less money this year than they did the previous year.

Board member Randal Ashton added they have more responsibility and work much longer hours.

"The expectation is they not work a 7-hour day. They work until the job gets done," he said.

The increases were proposed following a salary comparison study of other Big 12 schools. Board President Bill Dobbles said he believes the overall increase is fair and necessary to attract and retain qualified administrators.

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