Danville district maintenance workers' contract ratified

Danville district maintenance workers' contract ratified

DANVILLE — The Danville School District's custodians and maintenance workers are working under a new three-year contract.

The school board ratified the agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 399 on Wednesday — a couple of days after union members did.

The union represents 52 employees.

Under the contract, which is retroactive to July 1, custodians and maintenance workers receive a 50-cent-an-hour increase the first year and a 20-cents-an-hour increase the second and third years.

The district will provide members with the same health insurance coverage as members of the Danville Education Association. Employees will pay $12 a month for single coverage and $300 a month for dependent coverage regardless of the number of dependents.

Employees will also receive term life insurance.

Also under the contract:

— When an employee is required to appear before the board or any administrator concerning any matter which could adversely affect his or her job or salary, the employee shall be given a minimum of 24 hours notice of the reasons for such meetings, except for emergencies. The employee is also entitled to have a union representative present during the meeting.

— Employees will receive time-and-a-half for all overtime hours in excess of 40 hours a week, and twice the hourly rate for pre approved holidays and Sundays. If the employee's regular shift falls on the weekend, the two-time rate applies only to the seventh day of the employee's work week.

Scheduled overtime shall be rotated equally among employees of that work site by job classification, beginning with the most senior employee. If no one from the work site is available, overtime may be extended to all employees throughout the district.

— In the event that a head custodian is absent more than 15 days, the employee who fills in will receive the head custodian's pay rate on the 16th day or keep his or hers, whichever is greater.

— All job vacancies shall be posted for a minimum of five working days, and a permanent employee shall be selected to fill the job within 15 days of the job posting with approval from the buildings and grounds and human resources directors. New hires must pass a 90-day probation period before being hired on permanently.

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