Mayor warns of Danville scam

Mayor warns of Danville scam

DANVILLE — Danville officials are warning residents about people who are going door-to-door claiming their company can offer energy savings.

"We sometimes have given solicitation permits to energy-supply companies, but right now, we don't," Mayor Scott Eisenhauer said.

Eisenhauer said several residents have reported having someone come to their home.

"They knock on the door, tell them they're a representative of a company. There have been several different names," Eisenhauer said. "Then they ask people to see their power bills ... I don't know if they're getting private information from these power bills. But then they're telling them, 'I can save you two-tenths of a cent if you switch to our company,' and people are signing up for it."

Eisenhauer said he doesn't know whether the companies are legitimate or whether it's a scam.

"What we do know is they haven't gone through the proper process of being permitted in the city of Danville," he said.

The mayor said if people have someone claiming to be with one of these groups approach their home, they should not allow them access or share any information.

"They should shut their door and call 911 immediately," he said.

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Orbiter wrote on February 17, 2017 at 1:02 pm

Dial 911?  Seriously?  Just because of an unwanted solicitation?  That seems truly an abuse of emergency services. There is no indication that the solicitation was violent, threatening, or otherwise unlawful aside from not having a permit. Hardly worth reporting an emergency, IMO.  What about other door-to-door vendors? Kids with candy bars or cookies? Am I supposed to ask them for a permit and call emergency police if they don't have it? What if they're selling salvation? 

kionae wrote on February 17, 2017 at 2:02 pm

I think the concern here is that these people may be identity theives, not that they're soliciting without a permit.  As they haven't managed to catch up to one to verify their credentials, it makes sense to request that people notify the emergency number to get someone into the area as quickly as possible.

Orbiter wrote on February 17, 2017 at 1:02 pm

Headline: "Mayor warns of Danville scam".

Article: "doesn't know whether the companies are legitimate or whether it's a scam."


Please try to use headlines that correctly reflect the facts of the article. We don't need FAKE NEWS.