UI publishes video asking Obama to speak at commencement

UI publishes video asking Obama to speak at commencement

URBANA — "Dear President Obama," begins the video pitch, the latest effort to bring the former president to campus.

Eleven UI students, all wearing Illini attire, are featured in a video made public Monday, which is linked to a Change.org petition inviting Obama to speak at the May commencement.

Many were in middle school when Obama was inaugurated in 2009, and they said his message of hope was "a driving force that helped us through college" and inspired them to become educators, lawyers or activists — and maybe president someday.

"For some of us, you're the first presidential vote of our lives," said one student.

"Your service captured our imagination and showed us that 'Yes, we could,'" said another.

The students are of varied ethnic backgrounds; some are immigrants and children of immigrants, while another is an eighth-generation American. They said Obama's message of equality and belief that "anyone could accomplish greatness with hard work" were "the basis of our dreams as kids and now our hopes as graduates."

They said the UI has driven change for the past 150 years, and "we'd like the next chapter to start with you."

The video is below, or you can watch it on YouTube.

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787 wrote on March 06, 2017 at 9:03 pm

Oh yes... Obama did *SO* much for the State of Illinois while he was President.  Problem is, that didn't happen.

He would have been able to find Illinois on a map, and that would have been the extent of it.


CallSaul wrote on March 06, 2017 at 10:03 pm

Seeing all the rightwing heads asplodin would be kind of fun...