Emotions raw at vigil for Centennial student

Emotions raw at vigil for Centennial student

CHAMPAIGN — More than 300 of Luke Miller’s friends, classmates, teammates, teachers and family members gathered around the Centennial High School flag pole on Sunday evening for an impromptu prayer vigil following the death of the 15-year-old sophomore.

Some held hands. Others shared hugs. Many shed tears.

“Part of me knows that Luke is looking, and he is smiling to see all of us who loved him and supported him is so many ways,” said drama teacher Suzanne Aldridge.

“We are one big family here at Centennial, and we all love one another. These next few days are going to be a tough test of our friendship, our love and our faith.”

The flag pole itself was adorned with eight bouquets of flowers, a cross and a couple of teddy bears.

“We pray a special prayer of comfort for Luke’s parents, for Luke’s friends and each of his teachers,” said AVID teacher Cessily Thomas.

“This tragedy can never be understood,” said special education teacher Claire Vail. “We will never be able to put sense to it. We will never be able to wrap our minds around it.”

The service concluded with a series of hymns performed by guitarist Trevaun Dhom and vocalist Haylie Denzer.

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