Group targets Forsyth GOP legislator over vote to override veto

Group targets Forsyth GOP legislator over vote to override veto

NAPERVILLE — State Rep. Bill Mitchell is one of 16 state representatives being targeted by the Americans for Prosperity-Illinois for voting to override Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of a 32 percent income tax increase.

The AFP-Illinois says it will run online ads and distribute mail pieces, as well as "our grass-roots presence," to hit Mitchell and the others for the tax increase vote earlier this month.

Mitchell, a Republican from Forsyth, is among five Republicans targeted by the group. The others who voted for the tax increase and are being criticized include Reps. Steve Andersson of Geneva, Michael Unes of East Peoria, Mike Fortner of West Chicago and David Harris of Arlngton Heights.

Not among those mentioned — but who voted for the tax increase — are state Reps. Chad Hays of Catlin and Reggie Phillips of Charleston, and state Sen. Dale Righter of Mattoon.

Democrat targets include Reps. Sue Scherer of Decatur, Daniel Besier of Alton and Brandon Phelps of Harrisburg. The others are from the Chicago suburbs.

"We're disappointed Springfield failed to provide taxpayers relief from their crippling property tax burden yet voted to demand they forfeit more money to the state by permanently increasing their income tax bill by 32 percent," said AFP-Illinois Director Andrew Nelms.

He said the permanent tax increase, which became effective July 1, will cost a taxpayer with a net income of $50,000 a year more than $600 annually.

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JohnRalphio wrote on July 20, 2017 at 9:07 pm

As we all should know, Americans for Prosperity is heavily funded by the Koch brothers. It's about as "grass roots" as McDonald's is "locally owned".