Champaign man gets probation for selling cloned iPhone

Champaign man gets probation for selling cloned iPhone

URBANA — A Champaign man who admitted selling a cloned smartphone to an unwitting buyer has been sentenced to 30 months of probation.

Calvin Gassaway, 26, who listed an address in the 600 block of East Columbia Avenue, pleaded guilty Thursday before Judge Heidi Ladd to theft with a prior burglary conviction, admitting that he took $400 from a man who thought he was buying a legitimate iPhone.

Assistant State's Attorney Tim Sullivan said the victim made arrangements via Craigslist to buy the phone, which he did in the parking lot of a Champaign business on June 19.

When he went to a store to activate it, he learned it was either lost or stolen. He then tried to contact the seller, who police later learned was Gassaway, but he wouldn't answer his phone.

The buyer saw Gassaway in a car several days later and phoned police. In the car they found six phones that all had the same serial number. Gassaway admitted to police he knew they were cloned.

As part of his probation, Gassaway was also ordered to repay the buyer $400 and perform 100 hours of public service.

Sullivan said Gassaway had prior convictions for robbery and obstructing justice.

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So  more probation for someone who has already been convicted for burglary, robbery and resisting.  All by the age of 25.


I seriously doubt that at this point he is going to change his life other than being a criminal.  Society needs to be protected from criminals such as this;  A jail sentence should be mandatory.