Charged: Parkland student who led cops on chase

Charged: Parkland student who led cops on chase

URBANA — A Parkland College student who led police on a chase through the lobby of the student union Thursday, allegedly injuring a bystander and causing an officer to be injured, has been criminally charged.

Judge Brett Olmstead on Friday arraigned Oluwatobi Mordi, 19, also known as Toby Mordi, on two counts of aggravated battery, one of resisting a peace officer and one of assault stemming from acts at the college earlier this week.

Mordi, who is originally from Bolingbrook, lists a local address in the 1300 block of North Lincoln Avenue, Urbana.

Assistant State's Attorney Jilmala Rogers told Olmstead that on Wednesday, Mordi arrived late to a class then began making "belligerent" comments to the professor, suggesting that the professor needed to write a better textbook.

When another student told Mordi to speak for himself, Mordi allegedly threatened that student. The student told Parkland police officers he feared that Mordi might harm him. Police looked for Mordi that day but didn't find him.

About noon Thursday, officers found Mordi at the bookstore and asked him for his full name but he refused to cooperate, then began swinging at them while holding a beverage in a glass container.

One officer tried to take him to the ground, but Mordi allegedly turned and punched Sgt. Matthew Kopmann in the face, then broke free, running from the officers in the common area of the student union.

The brief footchase was recorded on a cellphone video and posted on Facebook, where 397,000 people have viewed it as of Friday afternoon. It showed Mordi pushing a woman out of his way as he ran from police. She fell to the floor, and Rogers said she sustained a skinned knee, and a swollen finger and wrist from the shove.

Rogers said Kopmann also fell during the foot chase and got hit in the eye with his nightstick.

Parkland College spokesman Stephanie Stuart said Kopmann sought medical treatment later. She described him as having "one red and one purple" eye from being punched by Mordi and hit with the stick.

The most serious of the charges against Mordi is the aggravated battery to a peace officer, a Class 2 felony which carries penalties ranging from probation to three to seven years in prison upon conviction.

The other three counts are Class 3 and 4 felonies and the assault is a misdemeanor.

Rogers said Mordi was given court supervision for a misdemeanor battery case in Logan County in 2016.

Olmstead set his bond at $7,500 and told him to be back in court Oct. 17.

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GLG wrote on September 08, 2017 at 5:09 pm

Ms. Reitz will have this reduced to "Loud Mufflers" and 18 months of probation, fine $ 35.00 pay the clerk on the way out, NEXT!!

burl55 wrote on September 10, 2017 at 7:09 am

He has Chicago money and is an arrogant thug. He can afford one of Reitz's "preferred lawyers" so she will hook him up to appear before the right (wink-wink) Judge.  

But I'm sure, by his actions and words. That he is another one of Julia's "young, outstanding future citizens!"