Weekend Planner: Harmonic convergence

Weekend Planner: Harmonic convergence

A nationally known Nashville, Tenn., bass player with roots in Champaign and an award-winning harpist are joining in harmony for an evening of music tonight at the Allerton Music Barn near Monticello. VIKTOR KRAUSS and MAEVE GILCHRIST will take the stage at 6:30 p.m. (doors open at 6) for a concert featuring music from their recently released album, "Vignette." Allerton Park Director DEREK PETERSON said tickets will be available this evening at the door of the 200-seat music barn.

"The setting is a two-story hayloft barn that was renovated in 2005 with theatrical lighting," Peterson said. "And there's a lift from the ground floor to the second floor."

Here's more, courtesy of staff writer TIM MITCHELL:


Krauss was born in Champaign and is the brother of Grammy Award-winning singer Alison Krauss. While he has toured around the world, he is best known for strumming his bass with the Lyle Lovett band.

"Viktor has played at Allerton three years in a row, each time with a different artist," Peterson said. "In 2015, he performed with the Viktor Krauss Band. In 2016, he played with Erin Bode, a vocalist out of St. Louis."


A native of Scotland, Gilchrist currently lives in the Brooklyn borough of New York. A 2003 winner of the Dewar Arts Award, she has done everything from playing with internationally known orchestras to performing with Irish folk groups.


Peterson said copies of "Vignette" will be available for purchase at the concert site. The album, a first-time collaboration, was recently described as "a feast for the ears, where tube amps, subtle space echo and an emphasis on round, warm tones create serene, tactile beauty."

Residents of southern Champaign County might be interested in the third song on the CD, titled "Philo."