21 lawyers apply to replace retiring Champaign County judge

21 lawyers apply to replace retiring Champaign County judge

URBANA — Circuit judges in Champaign County plan to have a replacement ready when Associate Judge Brian McPheters retires later this year.

Sixth Circuit Chief Judge Rick Broch released the names of the 21 lawyers who desire to step into that job in December.

Of the 21, the majority have applied for judicial vacancies before. Since 2015, five judges have left the bench in Champaign County, one of six counties in the Sixth Circuit.

Most recently, Holly Clemons retired as an associate judge on July 7, and Adam Dill was selected to take her post.

McPheters announced in early September that he will retire after 13 years as an associate judge, which came after 29 years of practice with a Champaign law firm.

The applicants who would like his job are:

— Matthew Banach

— Anna Benjamin

— Andrew Bequette

— Andrea Bergstrom

— Jason Bohm

— Ellyn Bullock

— Lindsey Clark

— Stephanie Corum

— Shannon DeLaMar

— Andrew Hatch

— Mark Ingersoll

— Robert Jacobson

— Scott Larson

— Troy Lozar

— Tobias Ortega

— Mark Palmer

— Jamie Propps

— Lindsey Shelton

— Ramona Sullivan

— Timothy Sullivan

— Shig Yasunaga

New to the application process this time around are Bergstrom, Propps, Shelton and Tim Sullivan.

Broch said he intends to ask for a bar association poll on the merits of the new applicants. The circuit judges will then conduct interviews and choose McPheters' replacement in time for that person to wrap up current obligations and be ready to start Dec. 11.

Circuit court judges in Illinois earn $198,075 annually. They are elected to their positions. Associate judges serve at the pleasure of the circuit judges. Their salary is currently set at $188,171 a year.

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justkerrie2u wrote on October 17, 2017 at 10:10 pm

It was both an honor and pleasure to experience the skill and ease that Ellyn Bullock represents. Her knowledge of the law, and ability to see the merits of the case, and ability to make/ represent sound judgement would be an asset to the court.

The vast experience and dignity she would bring to the bench would be an amazing addition to the court.