Tests of Mahomet's water supply show no natural gas

Tests of Mahomet's water supply show no natural gas

MAHOMET — A test of two samples from Mahomet's drinking-water supply performed after a natural-gas leak near the village showed no evidence of the gas or its indicators, the village board was told Tuesday night.

The village, in cooperation with Chicago-based Peoples Gas, which owns the gas wells where the leak was discovered, opted to conduct a dissolved-gas analysis on the water samples to look for natural gas. The samples were tested by Champaign’s Isotech Laboratories Inc., an ISO-9000-certified laboratory.

Results released at Tuesday's village board meeting showed there was no evidence of any natural gas or indicators such as ethane, propane or butane in the samples. The results cover only those who get their drinking water from the village, not those whose supply comes from a well.

"We have confidence in our water-treatment process and our customers should share that same confidence," said village board President Sean Widener. "We are committed to provide safe drinking water to our residents and we will continue to monitor the situation and look forward to the Illinois Attorney General investigation into the natural-gas leak."

In a letter to Widener dated Monday, Isotech’s senior isotope geochemist, Keith C. Hackley, said "the analytical results showed very little methane present in either sample. No other hydrocarbons were detected. The rest of the gases detected are the same components that are found in the atmosphere: nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and argon."

Hackley added that concentration of methane seen in the village's water samples was low compared with much of the groundwater sampled in the area.

"One of the main concerns of groundwater with methane is the possibility of the gas escaping in the atmosphere of a home or commercial building where it can become flammable or explosive," Hackley wrote. "However, at the levels observed for the Village of Mahomet samples, there is no concern of the methane escaping and resulting in a flammable or explosive situation."

Last week's tests were conducted about 10 months after workers at Peoples Gas discovered the leak.

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ready for change wrote on October 25, 2017 at 5:10 pm

Of course the drinking water is safe... Spiros Law Office doesn't care about  people or their clients - they are ambulance chasers. And Lisa Madigan... well... no need to say anything else.  She has no intention of seeing this case through, given she isn't seeking re-election.  Its all about who greases the political wheels...