Chicago 17-year-old charged in armed robbery at Rantoul nail salon

Chicago 17-year-old charged in armed robbery at Rantoul nail salon

URBANA — A 17-year-old Chicago youth is due back in juvenile court next week after being charged in connection with a holdup at a Rantoul business last week.

The teen was arrested Thursday on the South Side of Chicago in connection with the armed robbery of Fashion Nails, 1279 E. Grove Ave., that happened just before 1 p.m. that day.

Rantoul police responded to a robbery in progress and confronted three males as they left the business. One got to a car parked a block east of the nail salon, got in and took off, picking up the others.

That car was later seen on Interstate 57 northbound by Illinois state troopers who chased it to 78th Street.

The pursuit ended there with troopers arresting the teen. The other two males ran and allegedly hijacked another vehicle. Police are still looking for them.

The trio netted several cellphones and about $2,500 in cash from the nail salon.

The teen arrested was returned to Champaign County and spent the weekend in detention.

He made an initial court appearance Monday before Judge Heidi Ladd and was charged with armed robbery and aggravated robbery. Ladd ordered that he be held until his next hearing on Nov. 22.

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Berto71 wrote on November 15, 2017 at 5:11 am

An armed robbery of a store, with an interstate car chase from the police, is a very adult crime. This 17-year old ''youth'' deserves to be treated as an adult, not a minor, by the courts and the justice system.