Top of the Morning, Nov. 23, 2017

Top of the Morning, Nov. 23, 2017

I hope you read our story earlier this week on the Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation doling out $37,000-plus to 93 teachers. How they did it — a Prize Patrol hand-delivering oversized checks — was as clever as it was entertaining.

First, CUSF's Pat Dessen wrote teacher's names on individual 10-x-24-inch checks. Then Dessen, Molly Delaney, Vanna Pianfetti, C. Pius Weibel, Steve Beckett and Don Owen visited schools with the good news.

"We stole the idea from Publishers Clearing House," said Delaney, CUSF's executive director. "The teachers received notification about their grant awards last week, but they didn't know the Prize Patrol would be visiting. We let the principals know we were coming in advance.

"It is so much fun to see how the kids respond. We are careful to make sure the kids know that the teachers don't get to keep the money. We explain that their teacher took time to write a proposal for something that will help the students. I think knowing that makes a big impression on the kids. We are so grateful for everything teachers do to keep innovation and creativity alive in their classrooms."

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