Go figure, Dec. 6, 2017

Go figure, Dec. 6, 2017


Tuesday's city council vote in favor of cutting a $93,000 check to DEHARI BANKS, who authorities say was accidentally shot in the shoulder by a Champaign police officer in June.

In August, State's Attorney JULIA RIETZ determined there was nothing criminal about what Officer JAMES HOBSON did on June 11, when he attempted to pull Banks over for an alleged traffic violation. Authorities say Banks eluded Hobson, crashed into a garage, fled on foot and was shot after the officer, who'd who drawn his duty weapon and "slipped on the ground, causing an accidental discharge."

The city is released from any future claims and the settlement "is not to be construed as an admission of liability" by CPD.

From Dec. 1, 2015 to Feb. 17, 2017, the council OK'd four settlements totaling $570,000 with citizens who'd accused fired Officer MATT RUSH of excessive force.


Steps the first African-American to chair the Champaign County Board would recommend the body take in the name of righting racial injustice.

That's 27 fewer than the county's Racial Justice Task Force recommended last week, but PATRICIA AVERY's list is "not exhaustive," says the former board chair, who commended the group's work.

"There are certainly others that I believe should be included on my priority list, but we must start somewhere," she said.

As she watched the task force's presentation, "all I could see in my head was a picture of mice traps set at every turn for poor and minority people, from contact to confinement."

The running mate of governor hopeful TIO HARDIMAN says her list focuses on high-priority areas:

1. "Pass legislation to begin to utilize risk-assessment instruments. The majority of inmates are low-risk offenders and should not be sitting in jail just because they cannot afford to bail out."

2. "Allocate sufficient funds for the circuit clerk's office to enable that office to waive all court fees for persons with incomes below the federal poverty level" and reduce fees for others without means.

3. "Urge the Housing Authority of Champaign County to change its policies, to provide housing rights to all applicants with criminal convictions, except when HUD rules require" rejection due to an applicant's record.

4. Push for passing a state law that reinstates driver's licenses when inability to pay court fees is the reason for delay.