'A very surreal experience'

'A very surreal experience'

It doesn't happen very often for area families. The Wakefiels experienced it. So did the families of Reggie Hodges, Mikel Leshoure. Sean Bubin and Justin March-Lillard.

On Sunday in Cincinnati, it was Cameron Lee's family that saw their favorite offensive lineman on an NFL sideline. The Oakwood native moved to the Chicago Bears roster last week, but wasn't active for the game against the Bengals. We caught up with Cameron's proud older brother Logan, who works for the South Bend Cubs. He drove from Indiana to Paul Brown Stadium:

"It was cold. It was a good couple of days. We didn't know going into it whether or not he would be dressing. They only dress 46 guys and he's low on the depth chart. Nobody on the team was really hurt. We knew it was going to be a game-time decision and we didn't really find for sure until that morning.

"Regardless, it was a pretty cool experience.The whole thing has been a very surreal experience. From the very beginning, the whole draft process and camps and combine and the whole thing. For it to happen to him, it's been a lot of fun.

"We had anticipated that it wasn't going to happen this year. His agent called him and said 'Have you heard anything today?' Shortly after that, they called him in and told him they were promoting him. He was officially traveling with the team this weekend.

"We had a big block of seats at the very top of the stadium. Three rows from the top. My cousin who lives over there and her boyfriend, they had tickets in one of the end zones. The rest of the group ended up moving down for most of the game.

"We learned from bad experience not to get tickets through the team for the away games because you never know where they are going to put you.

"There were 15 of us, 12 from Oakwood.

"We did get to meet up with him for a little bit afterward before he got on the bus.

"The Bears play at Detroit on Saturday. It's to determined if we are going. It's going to depend on if he thinks he has a better shot to dress. You don't know until that morning."