Flight lands safely at Willard after pilot smells fumes

Flight lands safely at Willard after pilot smells fumes

SAVOY — After an American Airlines pilot began smelling fumes on a flight headed toward Willard Airport, emergency personnel were put on alert.

But the flight arrived safely around 12:15 p.m., and none of the 18 passengers or three crew members were injured.

“It ended up landing with no incident,” said Gene Cossey, the airport’s executive director. “We were there, and we were ready.”

The 50-seat aircraft will go into the shop for the night, Cossey said.

“We’re assuming it was an electrical spark or a fuse being blown,” he said, adding that if this were the case, the plane would’ve had several backup systems in place.

He said the incident was “very minor” and somewhat of a regular occurrence at larger airports.

“The pilot would rather be overly cautious,” he said. “When I was in Cincinnati, we had one of these a day almost.”

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Mr Dreamy wrote on December 13, 2017 at 3:12 pm

Someone stole the plane, it’s not in the photo! Or maybe it was photoshopped out. Or maybe it’s just a photo of nothing much going on.