Monticello High students learn lesson in passing along goodwill

Monticello High students learn lesson in passing along goodwill

MONTICELLO — There was a generous helping of good in recent days as part of an anonymous #MerryChristmasSages campaign.

A total of 25 Monticello High School seniors received $20 in the mail with instructions to use it to encourage someone else this Christmas season.

Recipients were told they were not allowed to keep the money but "could give it away to a friend, foe or someone in need. Maybe you will double it and do the same. Maybe you will buy someone a gift with it or do something else great with it to make someone's day."

The one paragraph of instructions also encouraged participants to tweet what they decided to do with the money with a #MerryChristmasSages hashtag.

The note was signed "Merry Christmas Sages and Dilly Dilly!"

It did not take long for students to pass along the generosity.

Cole Pratt, who received $20 from the Sages effort and another $5 from his Advanced Placement English class, said he took the unexpected dollars and "paid for the people behind me at McDonald's."

Jessica Rupkey took her $25 along with a matching $75 from her parents and gave two moms at Walmart $50 gift cards.

"It felt pretty good," Rupkey tweeted.

Stories continued to trickle in during the week. Lexi Boyd used her $20 "on some Christmas treats for my coworkers."

Drew Potts, Lauren Kepley and Sydney Morrison pooled their dollars — along with another $60 from their parents — and bought cookies and gift cards for the kitchen staff at MHS.

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