Ashes cause $3,000 in fire damage to Champaign home

Ashes cause $3,000 in fire damage to Champaign home

Champaign fire officials are reminding you to properly dispose of fireplace materials to help prevent a fire from happening elsewhere in your home.

Captain Andy Quarnstrom said crews were called to a house fire at 1206 Cambdrige Drive around 8:30 a.m. Monday.

Quarnstrom says ashes from the fireplace were put in aluminum foil on Sunday night and placed in a plastic sink in the laundry room. He says the ashes eventually melted through the sink and started a fire with other unknown materials in the room.

Quarnstrom said some cabinets also caught on fire, and a water line severed from the heat. The water line helped put out the flames, along with an extinguisher used by firefighters.

There was some smoke damage to the laundry room and a little bit in the kitchen. Damages are estimated at $3,000.

There were no injuries the blaze.

Quarnstrom said to be sure to dispose of ashes from a fireplace in a fire-proof or metal container outside the home.

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