Students, staff are 'totally pumped' about planned projects

Students, staff are 'totally pumped' about planned projects

CHAMPAIGN — A new sound system for Centennial High School's gym and a new surface for Jefferson Middle School's basketball courts are among projects that could get the all-clear when Unit 4's school board votes tonight to accept a donation from Champaign sandwich mogul Jimmy John Liautaud.

After writing checks for $150,000 toward the Kickapoo Rail Trail and $50,000 for Champaign County's Youth Assessment Center in recent months, Liautaud's latest donation is aimed at health/wellness and fine arts initiatives in Unit 4.

And it has left students and staffers at Jefferson "totally pumped," Principal Angi Franklin says.

"It was like a magic wand appeared and our wishes were granted," she said.

Some of the money going to Jefferson will be used to resurface the school's basketball courts, which Franklin said needed serious work.

"The kids just had to take chalk and draw in lines, it was that bad," Franklin said. "For the past three years, we've been raising money to resurface the courts. It was a lot of money to raise, and we were still about five grand away from our goal."

The donation from Jimmy John's would be spread among several Unit 4 schools. Among them:

— Bottenfield Elementary: A projector for the gym ($7,000).

— Centennial High School: a large sound system for gym ($6,000) and sound panels ($10,000).

— Jefferson: The remaining balance to resurface the outdoor courts ($5,000) and a sound/projection system for the gym ($10,000).

— Westview Elementary: A ceiling-mounted projector for the community room ($7,000) and basketball hoop upgrades for the playground ($1,500).

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jparks wrote on January 22, 2018 at 10:01 pm

Love the donation Jimmy.  I wish I had the resources to make those types of gestures.

Here is an idea.  I am not smart enough to come up with this myself but maybe you or some of your people can.  How about an idea to try and incentivize students with rewards that are earned with a decline in crime.?  Or a decline in bullying.?  Or a decline in absenteeism?  Or a decline in.....?  

I don't want this to come across as a joke because I am very sincere but I am having trouble asking it clearly.

Would it be possible to offer an incentive(s) at a location where kids spend much of their time (school) that would encourage them to behave correctly and report those who aren't?