Teacher of the Week: Chris Dryer

Teacher of the Week: Chris Dryer

Meet CHRIS DRYER, an eighth-grade science and AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination college-readiness program) teacher at Danville's North Ridge Middle School.

While coaching track at Olivet Nazarene University, Dryer — who majored in biology and psychology in college — realized he wanted to work with younger students and set off to earn his teaching certificate.

"I most enjoy working with the students and helping them figure it all out, while having a bit of fun," said the 11-year teaching veteran. Here's more.

What's unique about me as an educator is ... I am not afraid to try anything in the classroom. If it fails, a lot of times, we learn more than if we were successful. With many of the science labs ... we can see what went wrong and what we need to do to make it work correctly. I think it even helps when students see me fail and then overcome the problem. They see that even teachers make mistakes.

What's unique about our school is ... Two years ago most of the staff were at two different schools (In 2016, North Ridge became a 7-8 school, and South View School became a 5-6 school). We have been able to assimilate into a single staff ... without any major issues, and now we are all one big family.

My favorite teachers growing up were ... Mrs. Puhr and Ms. Hallenberger. I went to a small school, so they each had me two years. That was before kids were diagnosed with ADHD. They saw a lot of me. They did not give up on a kid who couldn't stay in his seat and were able to help me excel, while being caring.

My favorite tactic for getting students to pay attention is ... make an idiot of myself by tripping over stuff or forgetting stuff. Basically, being a real person and not a stiff standing in front of the room."

The teaching supply I can't live without is ... Post-It Notes.

My favorite pastime — other than grading, of course — is ... playing with my kids, running and watching 'boring science shows' — those are my wife's words — on Discovery or History channel.

The topic I enjoy teaching the most is ... anything science because it helps explain what is going on in the world and ... can be used to help change the world.

The relaxing summer activity I miss the most is ... anything outside — playing at the pool or even just mowing the yard.

One item on my bucket list is ... to visit Alaska and see the glaciers and wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere else.

If I weren't a teacher, I would be ... something where I could work outside.

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