'We are all saddened by her death'

'We are all saddened by her death'

URBANA — The injured snowy owl brought to the University of Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic last week has died, according to her caregivers.

An update posted by the UI College of Veterinary Medicine says the snowy owl died Feb. 3, after she had been placed under anesthesia to reassess and rebandage her wing because she had loosened the bandage and worsened a fracture.

"We are all saddened by her death, especially the team members who worked very hard to save her," the college wrote. "We did everything we could to bring about her recovery, and we are grateful for the outpouring of support for this special patient."

The snowy owl was picked up by a motorist who found her injured along a roadside in Decatur, and she was brought to the UI with multiple fractures Jan. 30.

She is believed to have been struck by a vehicle. Her veterinary care team had planned surgery to fix her injuries when she was a bit stronger.

Native to Arctic regions, snowy owls typically don't migrate this far south, but they've been seen in greater numbers in Midwestern states this winter.

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