Underwood's contract finalized; $15,000 for beating Indiana, Missouri

Underwood's contract finalized; $15,000 for beating Indiana, Missouri

Beat Indiana tonight and Brad Underwood will be $15,000 richer.

A unique clause in the "incentive compensation" section of the first-year Illini basketball coach's finalized contract, signed earlier this month and released Tuesday, calls for a $15,000 bump for any win over rivals Indiana or Missouri (up to $45,000 in any one season).

Illinois has done both already the past two months under Underwood, whose total compensation — pre-incentives — this season is $2.75 million.

Other terms of the deal:

— Just like the contract predecessor John Groce signed with then-athletic director Mike Thomas, the deal Underwood struck with Josh Whitman calls for bonuses of $125,000 for a Big Ten regular-season championship, $50,000 for a Big Ten tournament title, $25,000 for an NCAA tournament berth, $100,000 for reaching the Final Four and $250,000 for what the Flyin' Illini fell two wins shy of in 1989.

— Underwood is due $25,000 if paid (not actual) attendance is up by 10 percent over the previous year. Through 16 home games, the average State Farm Center crowd has been 12,302 strong. In 19 home games last year, Illinois averaged 11,381.

— Also among the up to $900,000 in incentives Underwood is eligible for: per-semester bonuses if the team GPA reaches 2.5 ($6,250), 2.75 ($12,500) or 3.0 ($25,000).

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Moonpie wrote on February 14, 2018 at 8:02 am

Does his contract also have a clause directing him to give the money back for losing all the others?

It should.

And how much does he get for all the moral victories?

Objective Reporter wrote on February 14, 2018 at 9:02 am

Good one, Eeyore.

MasterOfTheObvious wrote on February 16, 2018 at 10:02 pm

How truly pathetic Illinois Athletics has fallen to feel like they are so inferior to Indiana and Missouri that they need to pay their coach extra to win what are basically meaningless regular season games. Missouri, a school that has NEVER been to a Final Four, is such a big win now?  At least Indiana has won multiple national championships.


Man alive, this Boy Wonder AD is really a whizz banger of a smart cookie.


What two things do Illini Football Head Coach Lovie Smith, and Illini Women's Basketball Coach Nancy Fahey have n common?

1. Neither of these coaches have led their team's to a Big Ten victory in 2017-18... both posting big fat BAGELS against their Big Ten peers...

> Football, BAGEL and 9

> Women's Hoop, BAGEL and 13


2. Both Fahey and Smith were unconventional, outside the box, no one saw it coming hires by the Boy Wonder, D3 proven D of A Joshua Whitman.


PS: Fahey has preceeded over a 14 game losing streak, the longest ever in Illini Women's Basketball History. Smith's 9-game losing streak is half way to tying the record of 18 straight losses dumped from 10/5/1996-9/5/1998