Champaign, Urbana officials say streets holding up during heavy rains

Champaign, Urbana officials say streets holding up during heavy rains

URBANA — After more than an inch and a half of rain Monday, officials say city streets are holding up.

"Particularly this morning, with the heavier downpours, we had some localized, temporary street flooding," said Bill Gray, director of public works in Urbana. "We had to clear storm inlets, but there was no significant or major flooding."

Heavy rain is expected to continue today and may turn into snow Wednesday and Thursday.

"We're getting through this," Gray said. "So far, so good."

Gray said Urbana regularly cleans and maintains its sewer system.

"Last year, we cleaned over 30,000 linear feet of storm sewers," he said. "We performed about 45 point repairs where we dug up and replaced sections of storm sewers, and we also replaced 21 manholes and inlet structures with new ones."

In Champaign, operations manager Ernesto Salinas said crews have been clearing storm drains.

"It's been more of a steady rain, but we have essentially mobilized all our staff. The sweepers are out clearing inlets," he said. "We'll continue again tomorrow (Tuesday) since a bit more rain is projected."

The Second Street detention basin completed in 2011 is helping reduce flooding in Campustown, Salinas said. And while not yet finished, the Glenn Park Drive detention pond is already helping the West Washington Street watershed.

"It's not completely done, but it's still taking water in," Salinas said.

That project, near Mattis Avenue across from Garcia's Pizza, is expected to be completed Dec. 1.

Once finished, the 19-acre detention basin will have a gazebo, waterfall, overlook area and walking paths, among other park-like amenities.

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787 wrote on February 20, 2018 at 9:02 am

The streets are not "holding up" when one looks at all of the potholes that have appeared in the past two days... especially in Urbana.  Really bad in Urbana.

But what else is new?  It is time to spend more money on public art, bicycle lanes, and pedestrian bridges to nowhere in Urbana.

Roanrider wrote on February 20, 2018 at 10:02 am

Bradley Ave. between Neil St. and Market St. is HORRIBLE. The potholes were patched recently, and with the rain, every patch has come out, so now not only are there potholes, the patch material is spread all over the street, creating an additional hazard.