2017-18 High School Confidential: Week 21

2017-18 High School Confidential: Week 21

Welcome to Year 2 of High School Confidential, a project involving 35 area high school students who will write weekly for The News-Gazette and news-gazette.com. We’ll introduce each of the budding journalists throughout the school year, and let each student take over our Snapchat account 'News-Gazette.' This week's host: Monticello's Faith Run, who will take us behind the scenes on Thursday:

Academy High: Mayank Hirani

ALAH: Karissa Rocke and Eusebio Briseno
Arcola: Camille Klopfleish
Armstrong: Morgan Harding
Bement: Sydney Gadbury
Bismarck-Henning: Marissa Oxendine
Blue Ridge: Kaitlyn Stephens
Centennial: D’Iojanae Terry
Champaign Central: Sarah Money
Chrisman: Robbie Rollins
Cissna Park: Olivia Stoller
Danville: Barbara Westerfield
DeLand-Weldon: Alexis Gatterer
Fisher: Bailey Parks-Moore
Georgetwn-Ridge Farm: Willow Ray
Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley: Hailey Rutledge
Heritage: Courtney Stewart
Hoopeston Area: Daniel Bass, Ariel Reeves
Judah Christian: Kim Dillman
Mahomet-Seymour: Kobe Partlow
Monticello: Faith Rund
Oakwood: Kelsey Blackford
Paxton-Buckley-Loda: Madison Grohler
Rantoul: Hannah Combs
Salt Fork: Kade Bennett
Shiloh: Kayla Thurston
St. Joseph-Ogden: Kenzie Pence
St. Thomas More: Emily Halcomb
Tuscola: Gemini Pettry
Uni High: Umar Hanif
Unity: Annalea Hines
Urbana: Joey Wright
Villa Grove: Jessica Rose
Westville: Charlie Dumach

Does your high school want to participate? Email N-G Media’s Jim Rossow at jrossow@news-gazette.com

On to this week's report:

Academy High

At Saturday's regional Science Olympiad, a team of eight students won medals in five of 12 events. Student Evan Hill said, "Game On was an interesting competition that required some experience with Scratch and a good imagination. You also need speed and good teamwork so that both you and your teammate can decide on what to do. In the competition, we had to make a collection game that implemented electricity into it. This gave both me and my teammate, Andrew, a good bit of thinking to fully have an idea and a strategy of what to do." — Mayank Hirani


On Valentine's Day, student council members like Sam Crane and Mackenzie Melton (pictured) handed out crush cans: Red represented love, purple represented crush and orange represented friendship. Students put notes on the cans and could have them delivered to anyone at school. — Camille Klopfleisch


Senior night for boys' basketball and cheerleading was Friday. Senior cheerleaders are Makayla Stewart, Ellie Masengale and Shelby Loy. The lone senior basketball player is Shawn Reardon. — Morgan Harding


Varsity cheerleaders and girls' and boys' basketball players showed appreciation by choosing their favorite teacher and writing why they picked them. The teachers were announced — and gifted with frames of what was said about them — by the students and the messages were read aloud. Bement teachers selected were Andrew Brown (technology), David Elder (history) and Brittany Taylor (middle school English). Pictured are Brandi Vanmatre, Hailey Gadbury Shonkwiler, teacher Brittany Taylor, Ellie Shonkwiler and Wes McDermith. — Sydney Gadbury


Senior Mikayla Harper was recognized at the Daughters of the American Revolution luncheon. She and Wyatt Edwards were also invited to the Illinois Principals Association student recognition breakfast. — Marissa Oxendine

Blue Ridge

The Knight to Remember band fundraiser was held Friday. Eighth-grader Sarah Whitehouse (pictured) won the talent show with her song "Opportunity" from "Annie." On Saturday, the Scholastic Bowl team placed second in the Masonic sectional. They also honored seniors Sonny Bailey and Parker Otto (pictured). — Kaitlyn Stephens

Champaign Central

Last Monday, to celebrate Black History Month, students put on "Historical Events Through the Arts." The exhibition was created and performed by Central's African American Club. Students told stories through song, dance and word. Pictured is the African American Club taking a bow after the performance. — Sarah Money

Cissna Park

Last week, students dressed up each day to show Family, Career and Community Leaders of America spirit. FCCLA officers handed out cupcakes on Valentine's Day. Pictured are Erica Walder and Taya Kissack. — Olivia Stoller


Students gathered during first hour to watch Cale Horsch wrestle at the IHSA state competition. During his second match Friday, fans gathered in the cafeteria during the basketball game to watch his win. — Bailey Parks-Moore

Georgetown-Ridge Farm

It's FFA week as students can pay $1 to dress up each day. Proceeds go to First Church Of Christ's backpack mission. — Willow Ray

Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley

Friday night's theme for the Red Army student section was costume night with kids mimicking everything from Teletubbies to farm animals. Keegan Kutemeier (far left) went as Michael Phelps. Also pictured, from left, are Andrew Laughery, Makenzi Bielfeldt and Emily Clinton. — Hailey Rutledge


Varsity Scholastic Bowl honored three students on Senior Night: (l to r) Nate Gilbert, Shaye Lynn Black and Cole Woodmansee. — Courtney Stewart

Judah Christian

Student council members decorated the hallways for Valentine's Day and handed out cookies. Principal Bryan Mead was the stand-in DJ for the day, playing classic love songs during passing periods. — Kimberly Dillman


The thespians put on "Legally Blonde The Musical," directed by eighth-grade English teacher Nicole Graham, last weekend. Senior Danielle Cafin said, "It has been an amazing experience being a part of 'Legally Blonde.' Everybody put forth their best effort into this show, and it really paid off. I couldn't have asked for a better senior musical." The cast and crew celebrated two sold-out shows and a mostly packed house for their matinee. Senior Grant Ginalick said, "Acting for the first time was a little scary. I wasn't sure how I would do, but Mrs. Graham taught me a lot and I got comfortable with it pretty fast. I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed performing, and I think I'm going to stay involved in theater in college." With only six weeks to prepare, rehearsals were intense; however, the cast and crew were very dedicated and enjoyed their time together. Freshman Maya Kaczor said, "Being a freshman, joining thespians seemed kind of intimidating. But after spending so much of our time together, we're all a huge family now." — Faith Rund


Seniors Lane Warren and Kelsey Blackford accompanied Principal Tim Lee at the Illinois Principals Association student recognition breakfast. Two students from each school in Vermilion County gathered at Turtle Run last Thursday to be recognized for their outstanding performance and leadership. — Kesley Blackford


Members of the show choir worked on team building by spelling out words using their bodies. — Madison Grohler


As part of the choir's creative fundraiser, staff and students were able to order a singing valentine to the classroom of a special someone. — Hannah Combs

Salt Fork

On Saturday, the Scholastic Bowl team traveled to Armstrong Township High School for the Masonic Academic Bowl. After winning their bracket and getting the first seed, they won second place. The Storm is 5-0 in Vermilion Valley Conference play. — Kade Bennett


Senior Night saw Oakwood visit on Friday. Honored before the game in a gym decorated with streamers and banners were senior cheerleaders Jaida Green, Jayden King, Sara Switzer, Elijah Williams and Winne Zheng, along with basketball player Chris Stanley, and their parents. — Sarah Craig


During Friday's field trip to FebFest at Eastern Illinois University, students attended demonstrations from making ice cream with liquid nitrogen to testing compost samples. Pictured are Kierston Price-Wilson, holding Yoshi, a bearded dragon, in the "Face Your Fears" demonstration. — Kayla Thurston


Students wore red in honor of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Week. Audrey Harriss' activity period made sushi while learning about Japanese culture. — Gemini Pettry


As many students enjoyed a four-day weekend, the high school's Habitat For Humanity Club was busy constructing homes in Tutwiler, Miss. The annual trip allows students to witness firsthand the struggles the less fortunate face on a daily basis, and it gives them a chance to help out. Students left Feb. 14 and returned Tuesday. — Joey Wright

Villa Grove

Freshman Kyleigh Block finished first at sectionals and will join 32 others at the IHSA three-point competition on Thursday at Redbird Arena in Bloomington. Block said, "With my basketball season ending so quickly, I'm excited to still compete in the sport I love. When I shot at the sectional competition, it was great to have my teammates there to cheer me. A special thank-you to Coach Sappenfield and Coach Clapp for their support." — Jessica Rose

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