Mexican restaurant to replace Milo's

Mexican restaurant to replace Milo's

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A sampling of what's to come:

"Milo's is closing at the end of February. What are the owners' plans for the building? Lease? Sale? Or perhaps they start a new adventure in that building or elsewhere?"

Let's give co-owner Jane Anderson a break. Running a quality, locally owned restaurant is physically and mentally demanding, way more than full-time job. She deserves some down time.

The building at The Pines in southeast Urbana is owned by the Atkins Group and soon will be the home of a Mexican restaurant.

The restaurateurs, who operate five other restaurants in East Central Illinois, have a goal of opening by May 1, said Mark Dixon of the Atkins Group. Remodeling will begin next week.

As for Anderson she said she's looking for a new job, "but I hope it's not working on my feet in the restaurant business.

"It's non-stop. There's always something to worry about. People are always eating. They're never not eating so it's not like we can take a break for a while," she said. "It's very much an ongoing business and at some level your body and your brain need to relax. You need to take a breath and say, 'I think I can contribute to this planet in some other way.'"

Thanks, Jane and Obdulio, for your hospitality and, especially, your wild mushroom ravioli.

Sunday is the last day of business at Milo's.

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DEB wrote on February 23, 2018 at 1:02 pm

Good God, I sure hope it isn't another fo that awful something-Torro chain. Anything but that would be great. Hopefully, maybe another location for the El Maize (mini)chain.