Top of the Morning, March 2, 2018

Top of the Morning, March 2, 2018

How big of a deal is the Big Ten tournament in faraway New York? Based on the coverage in the city's major newspapers: Not very.

It didn't come close to making the Sports cover of the New York Daily News (right). On the paper's website, the first mention of the event is five stories deep in the college sports section, after "Coach fired after rejecting Colorado recruit because of weed laws" and "In college hoops, follow the money: 14 coaches make more than 3M."

NICHOLAS PERCO wrote about Rutgers-Minnesota. The nearby Scarlet Knights beat the Gophers to advance.

The top college sports story in the New York Post was all about St. John's upsetting Butler at home.

Down the list, there were short stories about Rutgers beating Minnesota and Illinois' loss to Iowa. Most of ETHAN SEARS' recap dealt with Iowa, though he closed with a quote from Illinois coach BRAD UNDERWOOD.

Newsday's top college basketball story was about the upcoming Colonial tournament. There was a longer story about Rutgers. The Illinois-Iowa story was tacked at the end and comprised three paragraphs.

The first college basketball story in the New York Times was about the Big Ten tournament — and whether the league made a mistake in starting its conference season early.

Michigan coach JOHN BEILEIN was quoted about the potential of a long break between the end of the Big Ten tournament and the start of the NCAA tournament.

"We're thinking of going to the Bahamas for the week to have a little spring break," Beilein joked.

On to my weekend recommendations:


"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," 10:30 p.m., NBC

It has been a good week for Fallon, with earlier guests including Bruce Willis and Chadwick Boseman. "Hamilton" fans will be happy see Lin-Manuel Miranda. "Home Alone" fans can look forward to Macaulay Culkin. And song-parody fans will be thrilled with "Weird Al" Yankovic.


"Big Daddy," 7 p.m., Comedy Central

Honestly, T.O.T.M. is going to spend most of the day watching college basketball. But a couple hours of Adam Sandler provides a needed break. Here, he plays Sonny Koufax, Sandler's usual goofball who tries to show his ex-girlfriend he has grown up by adopting a 5-year-old. Better than "That's My Boy," not as good as "Happy Gilmore."


"90th Annual Academy Awards," 7 p.m., ABC

Jimmy Kimmel hosts and he is certain to make fun of the gaffe that led to the wrong best-picture winner being announced last year. T.O.T.M. thinks it will be cool if Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are given another try. Don't bet on it. And the winner is ... you, the viewer.