Top of the Morning, March 3, 2018

Top of the Morning, March 3, 2018

You don't have to know your Xs and Os to raise money for Coaches vs. Cancer.

On Tuesday night at The City Center in Champaign, the Lady Legends — seven of the most accomplished singers in these parts — will take the stage for a good cause.

MICHELE OSTERBUR SMITH, LORI TATE SIMON, JONI DREYER, KATHY HARDEN, DODY COSMEDY, CHRISSY SPARKS and CINDY PEDDYCOART CRAWFORD have voices that will knock your socks off. But when it comes to basketball ...

"Singing the national anthem, we would rock," Simon said. "Playing basketball ... we'd have more fun singing."

Still, the idea of contributing to Coaches vs. Cancer was too good to pass up for the Legends, who jumped at organizer TODD SALEN's pitch during a holiday party. The group's name stems from a Facebook conversation. The group's future after Tuesday night is uncertain.

"Anything is possible," Simon said. That includes getting a Big Ten coach to join them. If BRAD UNDERWOOD, a frequent Coaches vs. Cancer contributor, shows up, "we'll get him on stage," Simon said.

Tickets are $30 at the door, online or by calling Salen at 217-369-9415.

It turns out the Legends, who have been practicing together for a couple weeks, are a coach's dream: no egos, tons of talent and fantastic chemistry. Joining them is a house band that includes guitarists JACK BRIGHTON, DAVE COOPER, DYKE CORSON, ROBB PATTON and DAN HENRY as well as DAVID OHLSSON on drums.

"It's not hard at all wanting to sing together for a great cause," Simon said. "We have really come together and made some great friendships with each other."